I've read that opinions are like assholes ... everybody's got one. Here's mine. ( Ahem, my Opinions! Not booty!)



I wrote this poem in 2010. I wanted to make it into a book, but I could never draw a sock character that I liked ... so the idea got shelved ... until now! It was inspired by my little guy's mismatched socks ... 

My Mommy gets me ready,
I'm always dressed so well.
But look down at my feet,
And there's a story to tell ...

I asked her where they went,
(The missing socks you know)
She didn't have an answer,
But I know where they go ...

I think my sock's in outer space,
It's way up on the moon!
It's floating up in orbit,
I doubt I'll see it soon!

I saw my sock on an elephant,
Walking through the zoo.
My sock looked pretty muddy,
He wasn't wearing shoes!

My sock is stuck in deep, thick ice,
The Arctic's to be exact.
I won't be seeing that sock,
Until the ice has cracked!

They walked on the red carpet,
My super-famous socks ...
Looking decadent in diamonds,
And fancy in their frocks!

One time my sock got planted,
It's something you should see ...
Now I'll always have an extra sock,
Picked right off my own tree!

One sock became a farmer,
His veggies are the best!
He's won awards for pumpkins,
That are bigger than the rest!

I opened up my dryer now,
And oh-my-gosh, what luck!
It was wadded in the corner!
My poor sock was just stuck!

Really, there's no answer,
On where the socks all go.
It's fun to imagine places,
But I guess we'll never know ..