I've read that opinions are like assholes ... everybody's got one. Here's mine. ( Ahem, my Opinions! Not booty!)



I teeter a line between remaining silent - and entering debate. I'm passionate and peaceful, but my passion tends to overrule my desire for constant peace. 

A couple weeks ago I acted out, stated an opinion harsher than my norm, and then later apologized on Facebook. I was embarrassed. I vowed that I would only use the platform for sharing photos of my life. I can annoy, but not offend, with photos of my children - so was my justification. 

But alas, hot button topics awaited me. I see articles. I read articles. I investigate. I learn. I grow. I change. And then ... I share. 

I have read articles shared through Facebook that have shifted my opinions on a multitude of things from race, to motherhood, to spirituality and the most holistic way to clean your house. The info is out there. Shared rapidly. And I read it.  

I read stuff I agree with. I read stuff I don't agree with. I read and read and read. 

Politics is the obvious hot button of choice right now. And I lean in a definite direction. I shared an opinion about the other side and found myself is some hot water. 

Heres the thing. I'm a peacemaker. I hate the debate. But I'm also a concerned citizen, and feel some sort of (lunatic) urgency to engage in the debate. I'm optimistic (or maybe quite dumb.) that I can somehow open the eyes of those who see things differently than I.  

But respectdul as I tried to be, I must have somehow aggetated, for friendly debate turned sour. It has left me feeling a myriad of emotions - wondering what's better? Friendly Facebook, where I bite my tongue? Or an openness that comes with a bit of a price tag?

All I know for sure, is that after yesterday, I am more sure than ever - that our opinions are heavily taxed. 

I wrote this, in regards to Facebook, and maybe all social media. (Even this measly ol blog. )

We stand on our soap box.

We stand proud and tall,

Looking down upon you,

For you seem very small.


We yell, scream, and argue.

We fight, fight, and fight.

We know you are wrong,

Because we think we are right.


Opinions are shifted.

Opinions become facts.

If yours isn't the same,

Then we start our attack.


Fingers are pointed.

Insults rain down.

We act like such fools.

We act like such clowns.


Pomp and arrogance,

Flow from our mouths.

What used to be good,

Is now friendship gone south.


The Internet is dangerous.

And opinions aren't free.

We pay for opinions.

Are they worth the stiff fee?



Snow Big Deal

Snow Big Deal