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Box Checking

Box Checking

There's a new trend on the rise ... I keep seeing it all over my social media feeds ... And, well, I hate it. 

It's box checking. 

What I mean here, is that if a person has an ideal - and if you differ even slightly - they are going to tell you that you're wrong. You checked the wrong box, so now you aren't _____.  

Lame, right?

 {I do not feel comfortable talking about my religious or political beliefs. So before I use this example ... I'll simply state that this is an example. My beliefs will continue to remain private.}

I read a blog post today about Christianity and abortion. Long story short, the writer stood on his soap box and proclaimed that you could not be Christian AND pro-choice. 

This angered me because I think you can be Christian and pro-choice. I think you can be Christian and pro-life. I think you can be Christian and completely apathetic on abortion. I think you can be any religion or non-religion, and have any number of view points on abortion. Or anything. The possibilities are endless. 

Brace yourself.  

There are men that were born feeling like they should have been women. (And vice versa) There are meat eaters who love animals. There are bad people who do good things ... And there are good people that create chaos. 

The point is - you can be something, and check off boxes in a contradictory column. There are no rules.  

I am full of contradictions. Aren't you? 

Get off your soap boxes and try and look outside of the tunnel vision. You can be a whole lot of different things, and still see things the same way as somebody who is a whole lot of OTHER different things.

{end rant}

I will end with my all-time favorite quote:


An Admission ...

An Admission ...

All The Red Balloons

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