I've read that opinions are like assholes ... everybody's got one. Here's mine. ( Ahem, my Opinions! Not booty!)

Bacon Foot

It is absolutely absurd that I could stress out over something as silly as the bottom of my feet. But I have. And I do. Who gives a crap about the bottom of my feet??? 

Let's rewind.  

I spent my youth as an elite level figure skater. Yup, I was doing the "spin-y things" and "twirls" through the air. (That's not figure skating terminology, but terms that are universally accepted by non skaters.) I spent a couple of years skating professionally on cruise ships after I quit my competitive career. I did shows until my early twenties.  

As a diligent guitar player develops callouses on their fingertips - a figure skater develops all kinds of wackiness on their feet: bone spurs, bunions, wonky shaped toenails and so much more. My feet were no exception. While I was skating I never noticed the bottoms of my feet. I was way more concerned with landing triple jumps than what my foot skin was up to. What I realize now - is that the entirety of my foot was lined in callouses. A little extra padding for those landings, I guess. When I stopped skating - the callouses began to peel. It's a strange phenomenon because almost a decade later - the skin is still a peelin'. 

What happens is that a thick later peels up and begins to snag on my sheets, socks, etc ... And so I notice it, and (usually) absentmindedly pick and peel. This has made the bottom of my feet look a little bit like bacon. (Breakfast anyone?) There's no blood involved. It rarely hurts. It's just - well - ugly.  

But I've anguished over this. What would people think if they saw the bottom of my feet? Would they think I was gross? 

A year ago I went to the beach with some friends. I kept my bacon feet buried in the sand. I continue to avoid yoga because you know - it's pretty barefoot But come on, that's kind of it. Those are the times I might be exposed. WHOA NELLY.

I'm sharing this to showcase how bonkers some of our insecurities can be. Seriously? The fact that I've ever stressed out over the BOTTOM OF MY FEET is pretty whack, am I right? It's mind blowing! So, it's just a new personal goal to accept my bacon feet, and skater toes.  

On that note - I think I'll probably avoid bacon for the next - lifetime. 



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